Welcome to my world of handmade vegan paints

Welcome to my world of handmade vegan paints

Crafting Colors with Care: My Journey into Handmade Vegan Watercolors.

As an urban sketcher and a passionate advocate for watercolor paints, my journey into creating handmade vegan watercolor paints has been a personal revelation. It all began with a simple desire: to use paints that are truly my own, reflecting not just my creativity but also my values.

The heart of my paint-making process lies in the binder, a crucial component that holds the pigment together and allows it to adhere to the paper. In my quest for a more ethical and sustainable option, I developed my own unique binder using gum arabic combined with a selection of vegan products. My binder recipe ensures that every dab of paint is not just vibrant and lasting but also kind to animals. 

Mulling the paint by hand is a meditative and meticulous process. Using a glass muller on a smooth glass surface, I blend the high-quality pigments with my binder. This traditional technique allows for a level of control and finesse that machine processing simply cannot match. The result? Each batch of paint is infused with a personal touch, ensuring a quality and texture that brings a unique character to every stroke on the paper.

I am commited to using only the finest pigments. These pigments are chosen for their purity, intensity, and lightfastness, ensuring that every color produced is vivid and enduring. This dedication to quality means that artists who use my paints can trust that their work will remain as vibrant many many years from now as it was the day it was painted. You will be using paints of professional quality.

The decision to use exclusively my own paints was born from a desire to fully understand and trust the materials I work with. It's a testament to the belief that the tools of an artist are not just mediums for expression but extensions of their personality and creativity. Using my handmade vegan watercolors, I feel a deeper connection to my art. It's not just about the hues and the strokes; it's about the story behind each pan of paint - a story of dedication, love, and traditions.

As I share my vegan watercolors with the world, I am not just offering a product but an invitation to join a movement of mindful artistry. These paints are for those who seek to leave a gentle imprint on the canvas of our world, blending their creative spirit with a commitment to authenticity.

Through my workshops and my share in the Urban Sketchers community, I aim to inspire a new generation of artists to not only appreciate the art of sketching and painting but to understand the significance of the materials they use. It's a journey that goes beyond the paper or sketchbook, encouraging a deeper respect for the resources we use as artists.

In the end, my handmade vegan watercolors are more than just paints; they're a manifestation of a belief that art should be as meaningful as it is beautiful. They are a testament to the fact that with passion, innovation, and a commitment to our values, we can create something truly extraordinary.

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